level 15

I have just reached level 15. At various stages on my way to 14, new skill circles would be made available on the left side of the page, and as I completed them, I would go to a higher level and gain access to still more.

When I got to 14, I saw no greyed out (unavailable) skill circles, but spent quite a bit of time doing exercises until I was informed that I had reached level 15. But what do I have now? There are no additional skill circles as I expected. Is this a glitch, or are the exercises in the existing circles just more advanced? Or should I be doing something else entirely?

Thanks in advance.

March 17, 2015


You seem to have finished your tree. Now you will just have to review lessons to keep your tree gold.

Your level has nothing to do with where you are on your tree, I am on level 21 and have not finished yet. Your level is just the number of Experience Points you have earned. You can now earn more XP by reviewing skills and also translating web pages in the emersion section. Another thing you can do is your reverse tree, if you are currently learning Spanish from English, try learning English from Spanish. Oh and by the way, the max level you can reach in any language is 25.

Congratulations by the way on finishing your tree.

Thanks for the quick reply. So from this point on there are no consequences to leveling up other than accumulating experience points? Surprising, but clear. Thanks again.

Well, the consequences are that you will consolidate your knowledge. Also, there is a small chance that you have not covered every word in the lessons. Very occasionally I come across a word in practice that I cannot remember learning but I put that down to the randomness of the lessons and the lessons finish when they become gold.

What is the last skill you worked on?

The last circle on my tree is "Cond. Per'", but I've been "strengthening skills", and the last one I worked on was actually Adjectives.

Cond. Per is the last skill taught in the Spanish course. Congratulations on finishing the tree! :)

There are still a few things that you can do on Duolingo.

  • Revise the skills as otherwise it's possible one may forget stuff learnt.
  • Work on translations in the immersion section. This will give you an exposure to real-world documents. You will add to your vocabulary and come across all kinds of sentence structures and grammar usage.
  • If interested in another language, you can try to learn it with Spanish as the base language.

Also, you can look beyond the website for further improving your Spanish skills. Real world conversations, watching movies and news, listening to songs, reading newspapers, magazines, books, etc. should help you on the journey to bettering your Spanish speaking, listening, reading and writing skills.

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