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Bug report: Last question of short test breaks everything

If you click continue on last question of section test the tests closes and is not marked as completed: you don't get your xp.

March 17, 2015



I'm sorry here have 5 lingots. :)


If your internet disconnects during the test it will not be saved


The internet is fine. This happened 4 times already at the last question of the test. When I click continue it simply exists the test and nothing happens. It is a bug for sure. I can help you with information if you want to replicate it.


This used to happen to me. I believe to avoid this error, assuming my Internet connect had no issues at all (only happened once that this was the case), that I used to make sure I closed and re-opened a new tab to Duolingo, by right-clicking on Discussion every once in a while. This solved the issue for me.

I tried once to only do the re-opening just before the last question, but it did not help. I had to do it more frequently than that.

So, I think it some kind of test timeout at Duolingo's servers. The longer you spend on a test, the higher the risk of it timing out. So, you may need to periodically refresh your connection to Duolingo, without interfering with your test.


You should edit your topic and change to Troubleshoot. Let them know exactly which section test and are you on a computer or phone, which operating system and browser, etc. Wait, seeing Yototas, I am wondering if you were using the timed test because then you just ran out of time, you don't have to use the timed test, do you?


Hey @allintolearning find here all the browser information: http://pastebin.com/XjT1Dcsn It was a normal section test (not timed) and it wasn't about running out of time, it happened to me 4 times already, even if I was pretty quick.

The sections were: German Present 1, Clothing, Nom. Pron, Adjectives but I believe is not related to a particular section.

Good luck debugging it :)


can you leave the tab open turn off the computer and return to the Quiz or just NO ):


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