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Suggestion: Another chance if you misunderstood what to do

Sometimes when I listen to a sentence in a pracice session, I incorrectly type the wrong language that was asked of me. In that case I was not wrong, I misunderstood what was asked of me. Instead of telling me that I am wrong and counting it as error, it would be great if the system would give me another chance to input the correct language and without counting it as an error. Of course this would only be applicable if the language I entered was the wrong one.

May 11, 2012



Thanks for your comment, but if I would be typing of talking to a person, I would definitely know which language to use. I admit that there was a misunderstanding, which I feel is different from an error in the classical sense. If I misunderstand which language I have to use, you could also argue that someone gave me poor or not clear instructions. The only thing I'm suggesting is: if the lady speaks a sentence and I type the sentence correct, but I type it in the wrong language, that I get another chance to type it in the correct language without counting an error.


Awermuth, I think you're misunderstanding. No one would do this error IRL.

I'm with Phil on this one, I keep doing errors like this one which ruins my neat streaks. :( Since this is a computer thing though I wonder how hard it would be to implement.


I have made this error quite a few times and each time I get cross with myself for making the same stupid mistake! Maybe it would help if they simply changed the layout of dictation questions so they didn't look so similar to translation questions.


you have to look at it this way if you were talking or typing to someone and you made that same mistake you would be wrong this is trying to get you to recognize your mistakes and then when you fully understand the lesson you will get nothing wrong its all about practice. Don't take it personally just admit you have room for improvement it's why we are all here.


No i didn't misunderstand. It gives you instructions and says in bold what language they want. I wouldn't be sure this would NEVER happen in a personal situation. I see it happen every day. There is no way to distinct your intention from a wrong answer. The system does reply with answers like you weren't completely right but we will give you this one but to me if you answer in the wrong language you are wrong. That's my opinion. If you start giving away too many free passes you aren't learning if you know it and are paying attention to the instructions then you shouldn't have a problem.


I disagree with awermuth on that one. This error doen not originate from the lack of skill in a given language, but rather from the confusing (or uncommon) nature of the question. ALL test-input tasks in Duolingo are based on translating sentences from one language to the other. When suddenly all you have to do is write down a sentence without translating, you simply get confused an knocked out of your 'translatring' mode. I understand the logic behind designing listening exercises in such a way, but I still confuse the languages from time to time. Duolingo is language-learning website, not an instruction-reading website, and honestly I cannot see how applying the solution proposed by phil_s would stop people from learning the langage. It would not even be a 'free pass' IMHO.

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