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Guess what's hatching soon?

August 29, 2013

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If it's a new language it has to be Chinese. Duolingo was looking for a "Chinese Expert" awhile ago, but now the job opening is gone; so I assume that will be the last language added before the new language adding tools for the community will be implemented.


clever! And I was really hoping for Chinese!!! :D


can you explain what the "adding tool" is?


I hope you're right. Mandarin Chinese makes the most sense with regard to Duolingo's overall aims, but it's also really challenging with the way existing lessons are set up and the nature of the language- tones on the audio side, characters instead of a romanized alphabet on the visual/typing side. But it is my personal choice too, because I just want to be able to speak to as many people as possible! I would also be happy with another language with lots of speakers, like Russian.


Typing isn't actually that hard. I speak, write and read a bit of Chinese for schooling and when typing you just use pinyin, which is basically the sound of the words in a roman alphabet. On most computers, it is easy to install as it takes 5 seconds. You just change the settings to Mandarin Chinese and type.

  1. English; Hello. i am Australian
  2. Pinyin; nihao. wo shi aodaliya ren
  3. Characters; 你好。我 是 澳大利亚人。

You would just type line 2 with the Mandarin setting on and line 3 will be written.

I really believe that Duo Lingo should develop a Chinese course as it is the most spoken language in the world. If Duo Lingo were to create a Chinese course, I hope that they do it in simplified characters, not traditional.


Maybe it's another bird.. Maybe one that teaches languages like Chinese and Japanese that don't use the same alphabet? Or maybe a different bird who guides you through adding languages?


It's inverted from the Japanese flag, so maybe a Japanese tree (a bonsai?!) Or if a moon and star come from the egg it would be Turkish. I'm excited!


Always the chance of Turkish! http://dt.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/1fa3nu/iama_scientist_and_entrepreneur_named_luis_von/

Adding new languages is a difficult and time consuming task. We have a small team, and we’ve realized we’ll never be able to add all the languages we want as fast as we want. That said, we get a lot of emails from people who really like our cause, are interested in learning Dutch, Swedish, Turkish (you name it!), and want to help us add more languages. So that’s the approach we plan to take: Instead of us slowly adding languages, we’ll create all the tools necessary for the community to build them. This means we can introduce more languages and empower other experts and people passionate about a specific language to lead the way. We don’t yet have a date for when this will go live, but it’s on the roadmap.


chinois? c'est rouge!


I'm hoping it will be Japanese!


windows phone 8 app, please!




Uhm.. German to English?


Judging by the colors, probably Austrian to English :D


❤❤❤❤❤❤! :)


Video clips? Audio/visual translations? I would love a way to improve my listening/speaking skills


This is one of my dream features for duolingo to have, but I suspect it will be a while before they can implement it.


Could it be Chinese language ? I think so . . . just for the colors !


Considering the two things that people never stop asking for, it will probably those language adding tools or an Asian language, Chinese or Japanese. I hope it is one of those so people can quit asking for them. If it isn't people are gonna be really dissapointed. People are crazy about speaking Chinese, they may try to hunt the Duo staff down if it isn't!!! Personally i don't really mind what it is...


Another language?


Tell Duo to put that egg back in his nest or nothing will be hatching


I think it's sanskrit. But I'm wrong about a lot of stuff.


Are you guys finally allowing people to add their own languages?! I know you guys said you were working on it and I think I'd rather that than a new Duolingo provided Language.

I would definitely like to see a crowdsourced grammatical German language tree.


I guess a new language!!! Or a new Duolingo mascot!!! Tell us !!!!


A chinese dragon called Lin? :D


Instead of adding a new language, I'd prefer a more robust mobile app with better offline mode and more access to data that we have on Duolingo's website (i.e. list of verbs learned).

Duolingo's doing a great job though so I can't complain.


I'd expect the person developing the apps, the person designing new languages, and the person developing the website are three different people. I don't think one has to come at the expense of the other.


hmmm, you're implementing a multiplayer game like this:




Anyway, seriously, we need some sort of multiplayer game. You guys already have the timed practice, all you need to do ensure two people tackle it at the same time. Plus some music, and sound effects, and voila we have a learning experience that doesn't feel like learning :).


I think you guys should make a arabic program


When will Mandarin Chinese be added?


Chinese? there is a red background!


a new mascot? :-)


It must be something great :3


a store? Though I'm kinda worried I really loved that duolingo is priceless(literally)


There are no plans to start charging!


Hi Luis, I would love the option to donate, though. Please consider it. duolingo provides huge value to me, and a lot of fun, and I'd welcome the chance to send a few bucks when I feel inclined. If it keeps you guys going, that's great, but if it only buys the odd beer and pizza for the team, well that's fine too.

Best, Marc

P.S. I'd love to be able to wear a duolingo t-shirt. I suspect a few more folk would too.


Good point, I also think that a donation button is a good idea. I bet that lots of regular users would love to give away a few dollars to this wonderful site.

Business Kirby gives two thumbs up! (b$_$)b

[deactivated user]

    I was just considering this yesterday - anyone who starts looking at this app loves it. (In my circle)


    Yes, I agree, but maybe it would be better if it was on the blog or something?


    I know this sounds silly but is it Duo's little sibling or something? (Since owls come from eggs (But I know, yeah, really silly))

    But if it were something different, an upgrade, a new language, the tools, a different king of activity to help learning languages...


    Maybe its his son/daughter if it is its gonna be cute!


    A new language? I'm hoping for Russian, to be honest. Or what about new lessons?




    Duolingo's shutting down and starting a chicken farm?


    It is going to be a baby owl, what crazy stuff are you all thinking about?


    It is a smiley face omg it is going to be great. =D


    A way to keep track of our time? I've heard of egg timers, but egg shaped graphs are new to me.


    Let it be chinese! ^^


    Welsh. Let it be Welsh. Yes it's obscure, but it would be relatively easy for them to add, given the full-bodied Welsh preservation and education effort underway in Wales right now. Bring Welsh to the world!


    My wishlist is as following:

    • developer API / SDK
    • embedded code to embed your duolingo status in iframe on your webpage
    • real-tie competition minigame, sth. like word-fight, where 2+ players get the same task and one who solves it faster, gets the point, this could be accompanied with some game representation, such as racing owls, or fighting owls, and everyone could have its own owl avatar!


    Mandarin Chinese and the snake's eggs. ssssssss


    This is probably wayyyy off, but it would be nice to learn Latin...


    windows phone apps? for Windows phone 8 and windows phone 7.8?


    So i have a idea for a language to learn it is a slowly dying language and i am currently learning right now it is Lakota i think it would be fun to learn just a suggestion


    I want a course English speakings to learn Chinese / Mandarin


    That "soon'. What exactly does that mean?


    The suspense is too much!!!! Tell us! Tell us! :)


    Oh ho ho! That's something... well... I don't know, owlish?

    Can't wait to find out! :D


    A whole month is hardley soon Luis . sighhh das ist nicht so gut


    You got me so excited, and when I clicked the link, it said I had to wait until October 9! Dang it, Luis! I was so excited! Can't wait! :D


    My guess:

    New language New multi-people lesson Extended progress Extended level New moderator New pet mode (this is the worst guess)


    Russian language I guess


    I don't know what it is, but I'm sure that it's something enjoyable :)


    This is just a wild guess, but maybe it'll be an exterior website called the Duolingo Incubator used to add more community-made languages to Duolingo, and that might look something like this.

    Learn a language in just 5 minutes a day. For free.