"Je meurs."

Translation:I die.

December 15, 2012

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The last sentence I translated was "When do I die?". Now it's "I die". I don't know what duolingo thinks is going to happen to me in France...


It predicts how you would feel living in Paris. Anywhere else is fine.


At least it's not "Je meurs seul".


It's really sad :(


Goodbye cruel world.


Once again, the first time I come across a word is when it's spoken in dictation. It is not an appropriate way to introduce words, particularly because there is no context in which to try to figure out the meaning.


and then you lose your last heart and die


which is why this sentence is here :realisation:


"RIP" is already "rest in peace" :P


it is a running joke on the internet.


It's so hot out! I'm dying!


I have to agree because with every other language I've learned there was more time spend understanding the basics of conjugation instead of just throwing already conjugated verbs left and right.


EXCEPT for your native language...that's kind of the point. You don't learn a language by looking at conjugation tables all day. You learned your native language by hearing already conjugated verbs being thrown left and right, and you know your native language a little bit better than the rest of the languages you've learned.


Understood. There are points of practicality and actuality though. To learn a language in the way we learned our native tongue we'd need to be in that Country with no other language spoken. This would take a very short time. However we are distance learning here and for most students academic learning is essential if we wish to have a good grasp of that language in the one lifetime we have.


I still have to disagree. I've learned more from Duolingo and Roset--I mean the software-that-shall-not-be-named here--than from six years of languages in school. Maybe I learn differently from growing up in a Croatian-speaking household.


Yes, Casiquire. I see your vision and appreciate it. I am looking at 70 years old and begin to have the onset of Dementia. I learn well from this wonderful site and forget so much in a few hours. To have the tables to refer to daily is such a comfort. It spurs me forward and of course includes me in together with bright young intelligent things. Duolingo is, after all, for all of us and aren't we all so different? A point worth noting, no?


I die, he dies, the bird dies. Make it stop!


Don't forget 'Men die'


Sure.... Click the report button and write a letter


No, please Duo don't! What would we do without you?


Should I call the ambulance?


Seriously Duo, I'm dying here with all these sentences. How often does talking about dying come in up in French conversation.

How about a little less dying and a little more...did you see that?....Unbelievable....you mean it worked?.....When do I start?.....Where can I get it?....Not with me, you don't.....I think I made a mistake there......I'm sure I have it right here, officer.....There is a perfectly good explanation. ....Actually, I don't know why. .....Basically, I just don't care......

Such phrases come up at least as often as I die and have more utility.


couldn't agree more... @ northernguy. Thats my major problem with duolingo, loads of irrelevant phrases


Well said. Foxes me too why all the dying and so little living (outside of psychedelia).


Northernguy, We have already learned (or are learning) almost every word you just listed above. We have also been learning sentence construction here. So put it all together and construct your sentences. That's the whole point. (The point is NOT memorizing full sentences here and using only those particular sentences.) EG: "Did you see that? = As-tu vu ca?" "Not with me you don't = Pas avec moi, vous ne le faites pas". (I may not have that 100% right yet, but I am still working on all this.) Go ahead and build your sentences from what you are learning here. And I'm so sorry you're afraid to talk about dying... mais... c'est la vie! ;)


It is good to see you are taking studying French very seriously.


Je meurs tu meurs il meurt nous mourons vous mourez ils meurent


Tu es chanceux, Il est chanceux, Je suis chanceux, Nous sommes tout chanceux ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=viAF6CFwU0E


This lesson is like a Jacques Brel record.


The logic of this statement is somewhat strange.


It could be in a play, for example, Act V, Scene III of Romeo et Juliet

"Thus with a kiss I die".


Or in Hamlet, Acts III and IV, "Oh, I am slain!"


Or your talking about the play and you say, "And in the end... I die!"


I hope I don't get to use this in my lifetime...except in a video game


Dont worry! Dont panic.! You wont! OK? You Wont! You only get to use when you die. Its easy.


Or you could become a thespian.


Shucks! I ran out of hearts!


Presumably that is why you died? :)


Thankfully, no. :-P


OMG. Have we the waking dead amongst us here? Hey have lingots, please don't bite my neck. :)


Did you just give me lingots?!


Yup I did. I don't use them so I don't need them. If students have uses I donate. I may think twice about kidneys though. I think the minimum spend is five so you best have three more to make them useful. JJ.


As much as I truly appreciate the generosity, I really don't need them. I have about 120 and barely spend any. At the end of every lesson I get a few.

And the walking dead don't do much any way. We shall pass it forward to the needier!


I am also hoping you understand that I truly appreciate the generosity. I beg of you to not take offense.


None taken. I only wish lingots could buy sacs of grain, then I'd know exactly what I'd do with them.


Sacks of grain. Now I know the origin of the phrase 'ils font du pain' You would make pain... :-P


Yeah, Bread is such a Pain! (Especially if'n you've only 5 loaves and some of Duo's green fish!)


Im dying because of trouble doulingo sentences


Is it necessary to learn French saying thay you die? Oh French!


You never know what could happen. Also you need to understand other people..


why all this dying ? is the computer dying ? may be we should save it


Hi najmaal. It's because some of the programmers "turned" after too many elephants ate the one apple, cats wearing boots, blue ducks, one minute they're a fly next they're a lion and then a whale! Turtles eating pasta, being told they're pretty then fat, having to drink everytime "she" eats and just to cap it all the therapist went and doubled his prices! Gets to one eventually.


I'm too young!!!!!


In french how would you differentiate between i die and i am dying ? The context?


What?seriously?I don't wanna die!!


As macabre as the sentence is, can you use "je meurs" in an exaggerating, humorless way? Like "Oh my god that's so hilarious I'm dying!!1!!1 xDxD"


J'habite en Floride et il fait toujours chaud ici. Je meurs! x_x


Can you use this colloquially like in English? Like saying "I'm dying" or "je meurs" in response to something funny?


m(eu)rs ? pronouncing this (eu) is driving me crazy

i find it difficult to pronounce some words especially words contained the letter "u" .. is there is a section in duolingo would help me in learning phonetique ?

[deactivated user]

    No, there isn't a section in Duolingo that explains pronunciation :(. The "eu" in French is pronounced like "eh" but with rounded lips, as if you were to make an "oh" sound. It's identical to the German "ö".


    is there any site on the internet explains the pronunciation with the same way you just did ?


    Only thing I can think of is IPA. Whole 'nuther learning scenario, though. However, you are welcome to come to my "activity" and ask. I can do "Layman's" phonetics, been doing them here a while with no negative feeds.


    when is the funeral. such a sad time sniffle. How sad. starts to cry


    Dear Alex. Stop worrying about the time of the funeral. It's Yours. You're not supposed to be aware of it mate. :)


    Thanks, it comforting to know that we are all going to die at one stage... :(


    I'd be so disappointed with life if I died at more than one stage. :)


    Boy, that escalated quickly...


    This is the Konami Code for unlimited lives


    why to learn such a morbid sentence??!!


    Pourquoi est-ce que je dois mourir :(


    I hope I live a long and happy life


    Could this be used to express that you're dying from laughter or does the English phrase not translate over?


    ... but not today :)


    "Et puis, mon ami... je meurs." - Butthead de l'émission de télévision "Beavis et Butthead"


    How can I say "I die"? If that is real, I can't say anything because I am dead.


    You can because in English there is the present continuing. French doesn't have it but it is implied. So we English are lucky enough to be able to exclaim "I am dying!" and get one over on the dying French!

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