"Nor can I understand the content."

Translation:Nem eu consigo entender o conteúdo.

August 29, 2013

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This translation is weird.

I cannot say it's wrong, but its not the best choice. The best choice is:

Nem consigo entender o conteúdo.

This sentence would hardly come alone, so the subject would be stated elsewhere.
Its meaning is: I can neither do something nor understand the context.

Nem eu consigo entender o conteúdo =

1 - not even I can understand the content. (should I use "I", "me" or "myself"???)
I'm very good, but not even I can understand this.

2 - Neither I can understand the content. Someone cannot understand, I cannot too.

Eu nem consigo entender o conteúdo = I can't even understand the content.
So badly written it is, I can't even understand.


The English translation is wrong in my opinion, it should be "Not even I can understand the content.", in Spanish we use exactly that exact expresión (Ni yo puedo/consigo entender eso.) and that's what it means.


where is the 'can' in this translation (please) ?


Can = poder, conseguir, saber


Is there a difference between '...entender...' and '...comprender...'?


They are interchangeable, but compreender is not used very often.

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