Food Flags!

August 29, 2013


The American flag... that's a bit sad.

i can't stop laughing

Me neither :P

Although it is a bit sad, mostly because there's too much truth in it.

So is the Australian one, but there are a lot of meat pies here. Maybe a Lamington would have been a kinder option.

They could have made it a lot easier if they used our unofficial Australian Flag


Hey, where is Poland? We have great food :D

invitame a comer entonces :P

Heartily invite you :D I will cook something special xd

I really like this! Some of those flags look yummy! :)

Edible flags. Just what the doctor ordered!

The uk one looks really weird. Kind of fake?

Well I think its positively spiffing. More tea?

(nb, I was clearly able to identify blueberry, rasberry, strawberry and devonshire clotted cream just from the jpeg. must be a local thing....)

Maybe the internet has just warped me. It wasn't the different jams, it was the edges and the textures.

Cool idea Love it !!!!

Turkey for Turkey`

this is great! :D

i like the idea. divertido !

Greek flag: the best combination of greek food: olives and feta (cheese)

Yeah, but looking at that flag, it's not at all true to the sky-blue colour on the Greek flag. It's like they hit on the idea of Kalamatas and ignored the fact they're black!

true, but what greek food could be the ideal to replace the olive oils and represent the blue colour?

cool i loved all of them , im hungry now

My country (Romania) is not there :( we have great food also

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