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Streak count bug

Currently we have a bug that is causing the streak count to display incorrectly. We are working on fixing this. Fear not your streak will be back to normal in a few hours. Sorry about that!

August 29, 2013



My streaks are different on my (all-languages) home page than on the single-language page, in that when i roll over the Streak number on the first, I see my correct streaks in each language. Instead of that on the other pages, however, I see a lower number which has been used since the introduction of Lingots. I have filed a notice of this with Support, but have yet to hear anything more about this issue.

[after post Edit] And thus I now see 30-day streak, though I have a 44 day streak in German, for example...


That's ok. Hope you fix it soon!


My french streak still doesn't work.....


If it's the same bug, it's still showing 0 on my page, but correctly next to comments. Thanks!


I have a streak count of 3 for all my languages, even though I have a continuous streak of 5 days in some of them. Is the streak count only counting the shortest streak?


This got messed up in the new updated mobile app. The actual streak on the website (23 in my case) is different from that shown in my mobile app (3 which is wrong).

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