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Learning a language solo --> place it in your CV?

I was wondering if it is a good idea to put the language(s) you have learned solo (so not in a school, institution, etc.) in your CV?

I have learned for example Hungarian and Italian solo and I am confident that I can speak these languages at an acceptable level, so my CV shows it to recruiters nowadays?

Would you do the same, or not?

August 29, 2013



I would do it. It shows initiative and perseverance. Of course you have to be ready to be tested.


It is easy to find a free placement exam in some languages (French, Spanish, German, Italian) if you do some Googling, or spend the money and take a CLEP test. That way you can specify what level you have attained: 2-3-4 semesters of college, A2, B1, etc. "Acceptable level" cam mean different things to different people, and some may value reading/writing over speaking/listening, or vice versa.


I thought about this too. I recently had an interview and wondered if i should mention it. It says a lot of good things about you teaching yourself like this. But at the end of the day i don't feel confident enough in my French to walk around telling people i know how to speak it. I am considering gaining official qualifications after i have completed the skill tree. I don't want my language learning to end after Duo. I would defintely feel more confident in putting official qualifications on there.

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