"De sörjer offret."

Translation:They mourn the victim.

March 18, 2015

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I doubt I'd even come across this sentence in a Stieg Larsson novel, but wow, now I've learned it.


Car accidents involving young people are very common in Sweden and especially in Finland. If the accident happens in a small town, there is a type of collective sorrow that takes over. People bring flowers and sometimes crosses to the place of accident. You can see these presentations of mourning far too often when driving through Finland.


That's so sad. You can see those often in Italy, and surprisingly, sometimes also in California. I think here they are most usually made by people of Hispanic descent. A mother of one of our students was killed by a car not far from their house, and they immediately sold the house and moved, not wanting to be near the place where it happened.


You see something similar in Los Angeles. Only most of the time they are a result of violence or for missing persons. We call them "vigils."


It is common in Michigan too, at least outside the largest cities.


I've seen this in Pennsylvania as well, flowers and crosses at the site of an accident.


Thank you Sabaton for teaching me this verb already! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mo3cd1Rjsz4


I thought exactly the same! :D Nice to know there are other Sabaton-listeners around :)


I tried 'they mourn for the victim' and it was counted as wrong. Was that just bad english on my part?


It is the more typical way that idea would be expressed in American English at least, but not a literal translation from the Swedish.


It's common in English to say "mourn for" a victim.


"att sörja" is related to "sorrow" and "sorry"!


I typed "they are mourning the victim" why is that incorrect?

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