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Have we all been cast by magic spells?

Okay – just checking that the Duolingo staff doesn't have some kind of magic spell cast on all DL users, because really this program makes you learn languages so well that I'm starting to get suspicious... #DLrocks

August 29, 2013



Well, that would certainly explain why that guy who learned all the Duolingo languages in six months is pushing the Harry Potter series in each language as a teaching tool...


He was Dutch though. They study 3 or 4 languages just in the course of normal school, so it's a bit of a natural advantage :)

I've actually noticed a trend, that in countries with more isolated languages like Hungary, Sweden, Finland etc , normally beat the pants off everyone else in foreign languages. It's a good example to follow, the world would shrink to the size of a pea if we threw in even the most basic Russian, Spanish and Arabic as mandatory into our school system (i.e. pick one).


Or pick three like the Dutch do!


Yes folk, this site is addictive but I wish it allowed for us to talk to each other because my speaking skills need to be developed in French. I was suspicious of the speaking bit and I said something naughty and it said I was correct. But duolingo is great, I try doubling it with about.com for added explanation and it works. I will do more of that when I get further along in the course because I can't keep off the site enough to do the coupling. Duoling is like a lover I can't keep away from


Yes, it's true!!! They are sorcerers!!! I'm glued to the screen (well not technically). But it SHOULD BE THE TIME THEY TOLD US!!!


I KNEW it!!!!!! Their secret is secret no more!


But at least they're giving us language powers!!! Or are they up to something...


Ah yes... you never can be too sure about this magic business... there are rumors of power being put in our hands which can be very dangerous!


:( Now I can't trust the owl anymore. He's just so cute. I wish he had warned us about this risky business. Is he one of them?


I bet the owl just doesn't know what's going on. None of the people on Duolingo know about the sorcery, I bet; there's somebody (or something) behind all this who we don't even know about.

The sorcerer would have a Duolingo account, and would pretend to just be another normal user. Nobody would suspect anything.


I trust our owl! He is too innocent to do anything bad!


Hmm...very tricky, lets try to hunt down this individual.


Up to something. Definitely. Most people don't just go around randomly bestowing special powers on large numbers of people without something in mind.

Of course, that doesn't mean I'm going to stop accepting those powers...

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