"Lui legge il giornale durante la colazione."

Translation:He reads the newspaper during breakfast.

August 29, 2013



Why isn't "during THE breakfast" a valid translation here? If it's "during breakfast" then why isn't is "durante colazione"?

September 2, 2013


Because languages differ in how they use articles. Romance languages in general use the definite article much more often than English does. Translating every Italian article into English would result in a stilted and perhaps misleading translation, while "durante colazione," as you suggest, would sound wrong in Italian. I can't find a specific reference for you, but there have been many examples already in the Duolingo sentences we have learned. This is an example where a literal translation just isn't adequate, and you have to go more by "feel."

September 4, 2013


This is not entirely right. Even though in this sentence it is a bit strange "during breakfast" is more like "during every breakfast" whereas "during the breakfast" means more like "the next/upcoming breakfast" So I'm sure there could be a situation where "during the breakfast" is the better translation.

November 21, 2013


Dont directly translate, italian isnt english

February 3, 2016


How is it that colazione means breakfast and lunch according to the hover, but he reads the newspaper during lunch is wrong?

August 29, 2013


La colazione reminds me of la collation (the snack) in French. I used 'snack' instead of 'breakfast' the first couple times.

September 25, 2014


Yes. Colazione is more like snack or light meal. Pranzo is definitely lunch.

August 5, 2015

August 30, 2013


I love this! Reminds me of the Hobbits' "second breakfast!' Now it seems real....

September 4, 2013


The question is not on the meaning of the item to eat, breakfast or lunch. It is on the use of the article to define the item: the colazione or the lunch.

August 5, 2015


I know we should have learnt this ages ago but...why is colazione feminine when it ends in 'e' but giornale also ends in 'e' and is masculine? Confused!

October 29, 2013


Nouns ending in -e may be masculine or feminine. The gender of these nouns must be memorized. :( Nouns ending -ione (colazione) are generally feminine.

check this: http://italian.about.com/library/weekly/aa051000a.htm

btw don't worry, if you can't find an answer to a question elsewhere or something is confusing just ask here in sentence discussions and someone will answer you. :)

October 30, 2013


Thank you, you've really helped me :-)

November 13, 2013


The inconsistences of Duolingo are really annoying, As someone has already said the hover gives "colazione" as either breakfast and lunch. My understanding is that breakfast is usually referred to as "la prima colazione". "Giornale" is now only accepted as "newspaper" while Duolingo has been accepting "paper" for as long as I've know, Plus "paper" is probably the most normal word used by English speakers.

November 29, 2013


Please remember there was a time when newspapers were referred to as "daily/dailies" if published at that frequency or "weekly/weeklies" depending on issue rate. Giorno (day), giornale (daily). Cheers. 25May18

May 25, 2018


Would you also say 'entro la colazione' for 'by breakfast'? I notice they are not using the article for lunch, "entro pranzo"

June 9, 2014


Is he doing this with coffee?

April 18, 2017


Why "the breakfast" is not correct? They used the article "la colazione" and in similar previous examples correct answers were both with and without the article "the". I'm confused...

September 7, 2013


When in doubt, use the article in Italian and use common sense when to use it in English. "The breakfast" in this context doesn't really make sense; rarely can you translate sentences literally and have them still make sense.

October 11, 2013


""The breakfast" in this context doesn't really make sense"... He reads during the breakfast. Why doesn't that make sense??? What's wrong with that sentence in english? What would be "common sense"?

October 13, 2013


If you are not a native English speaker, then Aratal's comment may not be helpful- I'll try to clarify. In English, if you say "he reads during breakfast," this means that this is something he does usually or even always; it doesn't refer to any particular breakfast. You picture a man at home reading the paper at the breakfast table every morning. If you say "he reads during the breakfast," this implies that he he is at some particular breakfast, probably one that has been referred to in a previous sentence (a wedding breakfast, a business breakfast, a conference, etc.). There he is, in a public place with a group, reading the paper, perhaps while a speaker is talking. How rude! Maybe he has a mobile device in his lap! It isn't grammatically incorrect to use "the" in this sentence, but it certainly carries a different connotation. That's why context is so important. In an isolated sentence like this, there would be no reason to add "the." It would require additional knowledge. When I read the sentence "He reads during the breakfast," I immediately think: "What breakfast?" I'm not a grammarian, but I'd say that in English "the" is used to specify a particular one of something or to add emphasis.

October 13, 2013


Thanks. I'm not a native eng speaker but without context I imagined the second scenario you mentioned. The guy doesn't usually read while eating but this time he did. And in that context my reaction would be - like you said - "How rude! He's reading during the breakfast." I assumed he doesn't always read.

The bottom line - CONTEXT !!! ;)

Thanks nevertheless ;)

October 14, 2013


You're welcome. I enjoyed that one.

October 14, 2013


I enjoyed your comment very much but indeed, I had to go back and find out that you are not an English speaker and worst, you are not an American. In the USA, reading during breakfast and actually carrying it out to finish it on the car or the bus or where ever the person is using as transport is so blaze that nobody would ever make you feel bad about that detail. Maybe it is one of the reason there are so many peopled have with heartburn too? I don't know. But, alas, in the USA no one cares if you do eat during breakfast. We are just in a hurry... lol.. Loved the comment and the chuckle!!! lol

August 28, 2015


That was an awesome explanation.

October 16, 2013


Good answer.

February 24, 2015


So is there a situation in Italian where including the article would be incorrect? (If not, I'll go merrily on my way using the article whenever the opportunity arises, just to be on the safe side.)

July 7, 2014


Ok ... why is during breakfast worng? I mean english is not my mothertounge so sorry.

June 1, 2016


STOP. .. during is correct. ... I wrote while and don't understand why it is not correct. .. So why is while breakfast wrong?

June 1, 2016


I would say 'at breakfast' not 'during breakfast'.

February 24, 2018


Their is no audio in the regular (not slow) audio or that I became Deaf?

October 9, 2018


I am English and would say ...at breakfast. During breakfast sounds odd.

February 15, 2019


La colazione = the breakfast

June 5, 2019
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