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No way of reporting errors in the app?

It would be great if the ever-busy DL developers could add in a functionality to discuss sentences or report errors in the app. I love this function on the website.

For example: I was just doing a refresh lesson on "Family" in Spanish, and it asked which of three words meant "uncles." The choices were two words that in no way related to family functionality at all (colors/verbs), and one other choice: "tias," which means "aunts" as far as I know. I'd love to report this as a mistake, but there is no clear path to do so. And no way to flag that Q to address it later on the main webpage.

I love the sentence discussions on the website - they are really helpful to my learning - and understand why those won't really work in a simple "app" interface. But surely a "report error" button could be added?

March 18, 2015



I agree. I just reviewed some words with the flashcards and it kept giving me "great" as a translation for "madres" which is nice but wrong (I think)


Madres means mothers. They are great, but that would be the wrong translation.


It's happened to me in French lessons - but not, as I recall, in German oddly enough - and it is annoying. It's one of the reasons I avoid the app unless really pressed for time.


I agree. The Spanish lesson shows a picture of a woman's midriff, wearing a jacket, if I recall correctly. But it insists the word for the picture is "falda" which means "skirt" in English. It annoys me when I am forced to enter the incorrect word for this picture to get it marked "correct."


You are correct that tias means aunts. Uncles = tios.

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