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"He has rice and the sandwich."

Translation:Tá rís agus an ceapaire aige.

March 18, 2015



how is aige pronounced?

[deactivated user]

    Depends on your dialect but generally its pronouced ah geh .. the g being pronounced the same way you would when saying gate. Sorry if that doesnt clear things up.


    Can I say: Tá rís aige agus an ceapaire. Or does this make the sandwich more of an afterthought?


    Indeed it would be an afterthought with your phrasing. It would translate as something like ''He has rice. And the sandwich...''. Well? What about the sandwich?


    Whats the differemce between aige and agam?


    Preposition in Irish combine with pronouns. When the preposition ag combines with the 1st person singular pronoun , you get agam. When the preposition ag combines with the 3rd person singular pronoun é or , you get aige.

    Tá ceapaire agam - "I have a sandwich"
    Tá ceapaire aige - "He has a sandwich"


    I HAVEN'T BEEN ABLE TO FIGURE OUT how to use preposicional pronoun. ag and its other forms. Where can I find this, please?


    It is introduced in the Tips & Notes for th Common Phrases Skill, and there is more detail in the Tips & Notes for the Prepositions 1 Skill.


    Is it really correct?


    I wrote it correctly with"an" and was marked incorrect. Why? The sentence has "the" before sandwich

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