Ik ben klaar met de Nederlandse boom.

Ik ben klaar met de Nederlandse boom. Waarom is de laatste briefje in engels? Ik heb te snel gegaan, (twee maanden) maar ga ik ook naar les.

I kept the tree gold, but there are still a lot of skills I would like to improve. At least the vocabulary boost has made class much easier. I have had lunch with Dutch friends a few times this past week. Once I got over my shyness, I was amazed at the variety of topics that we could talk about. Thanks Duo!

3 years ago


Gefeliciteerd! It always amazes me how quick users are finishing the Dutch tree and their ability to understand the tree is amazing. It just shows what an amazing course the Dutch team have created!

I'm still taking my tree slowly, as I've been working on it since the day it released but I have no rush to finish it so I'm taking it one day at a time and I too have overcome my shyness of trying to use the language out loud and attempting to talk about things other than just "ik heet Jane! ❤❤❤ gaat het?"xD

Good luck and congratulations with your Dutch journey!

3 years ago

2 months isn't too much if you remember it well & know what you learned. I finished in 55 days, which is okay since I remember it.

Nice job, take some ringots! ^.^

3 years ago

It really is organized well. I have tried listening only (useful, but limited) and online (horrible interface) courses, but nothing held my interest nearly as well.

Now to decide how to split my time between the reverse tree and real world immersion.

3 years ago
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Congratulations! :)

3 years ago

After a year of weekly casual lessons, 51 days on duo, and two months of taking lessons seriously I passed an A2 level exam with flying colors. Duo quiz score was 3.62 the day I finished my tree. (1.33 one week after I started)

3 years ago
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