"Du har gjort mig till en lycklig man."

Translation:You have made me a happy man.

March 18, 2015

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So that "till" is kind of an invisible word? I don't really understand why you need it.


In English, the "into" in "you have made me into a happy man" is optional (and in fact, even makes the sentence seem odd). But in Swedish, it isn't if what comes next is a noun phrase. So du har gjort mig lycklig doesn't take a till, but du har gjort mig till en lycklig man does.


Adding into to the English translation to correspond to the till is marked incorrect. I know it is not a common construction but being marked incorrect for something I couldn't have seen coming seems a little harsh, and it isn't so wrong as to be completely strange... :(


M.r Hins why ....You have made me a lucky man ..is wrong


Lycklig wants me to use lucky but thats wrong. Anyone else have that problem?


So why is 'into a happy man' not accepted if the explanation says (correctly) that the 'into' is optional?


In the tree i wrote you have made me a Happy man. Also you have made me into a Happy man. Both were marked wrong. It Said the correct version was. You have turned me into a Happy man. All three versions would be acceptable in english, the first one is the most natural.


Ok, now I'm really confused. The second time around, the solution now wants the 'into', but doesn't accept 'made' anymore; it now wants 'turned into' What gives...?

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