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Hi everyone!

I have a new question for you, I have wondering What're the uses for the word "it"? I mean in this example is correct to say,

-Who's that? -It's Laura

I ask because I saw it in a book, if that's correct I can say, "I like it" when we're talking about person or it should be "I like him or I like her"


March 18, 2015

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"-Who's that? -It's Laura"

Yes that is used correctly.

You should say, "I like him or I like her" when referring to a person. Oddly enough, in some parts of the US, people use "it" to refer to a baby. Also, if one refers to a person as "it," that person may be offended.

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March 18, 2015

Primo IT

March 18, 2015

Sí es correcto - "It's Laura"

. . . por una persona - "I like him" or "I like her"

March 18, 2015


March 19, 2015

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