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Feedback question

Does Feedback make note of where and when in the lessons a comment or question is asked? If not, it would seem helpful for the staff so that they could locate the issue, and, most definitely would not require the tedious(to me) of capturing, browsing, and attaching any supporting data.

December 15, 2012



As usual, I don't really know the answer to that, but that rarely stops me from shooting my mouth off..

As far as I can tell, if you use the "still think you're right?" link to provide feedback, then the system does know what the original question was, and what your answer is (as well as whatever comments you provide). However, if you use the general "Feedback" box (white vertical box on the left side of the page), I don't think any of the question specifics go with it. When I use that link, I try to give as many details as I can about what I was doing, what the original question was, and what my issue is with it for just the reason you're concerned about. I want them to be able to locate it so they can fix it!

Hopefully a Duolingo type will pop their head in here and deliver the definitive answer! Until then, happy translating!


Actually your comments on errors of lessons are posted on the discussions like mine.

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