I'm working under Places and I've twice completed Exercise 4. However, it fails to register and I can't move to Exercise 5. Does anyone know why?

March 18, 2015


Try refreshing the page and see if lesson 4 has the green checkmark denoting completion.

I have the same problem

I've done 9, 10, and the review repeatedly and can't get passed. App decides only 9/9 ... Even though I've done ten AND the review SEVERAL times. Geez ...

What does refreshing the app mean? If I close and reopen it just randomly does what I described above. Happened last time at an advancement point too ... I had to test out and I don't want to skip lessons! There are some coming up I'm anxious to get to ...

Any help would be appreciated ... Since duo has never responded to an email for help ...

I get this on my mobile version (I have the app on an iPhone 3GS) from time to time. I found that the only way to get past it is to go to the exercise that's stuck and do the "Test Out" - since I'd already done the strengthens and last lessons several times trying to get past it, it wasn't too much of a challenge! That's not failed me yet...touch wood

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