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St Patrick's gifts! ^.^

I wanted to show you what I got yesterday. I know Saint Nicholas is usually the one to bring gifts, but I got these two picture books from Saint Patrick yesterday! :)

"Avoid Joining Shackleton's Polar Expedition" and "Avoid Sailing on the Titanic" as Gaeilge. Aww, Saint Paddy, you know me too well! Two of my favorite subjects in appropriate form, for children ages 9 to 12. xD

I've only had a chance to leaf through them, but they seem cute, and the illustrations are cool. :)

What about you guys? Anything from Seachtain na Gaeilge or Saint Patrick's to share? :D

On a not-really-Irish-related note: If you've never heard of Shackleton's trans-Antarctic expedition... oh man, you really should! If you saw something like it in a movie, you'd say it was way too far-fetched and implausible.
The copyright for Shackleton's own account of the expedition, "South!", has expired and you can download it HERE. Yes, it genuinely has an exclamation mark in the title.

March 18, 2015

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I received the gift of healing. I was invited to perform out at a pub last night with a friend. We only "performed" about 1/2 the songs we had actually prepared together (the rest were true spur of the moment pieces) but it was sooooo much fun. I played bohran, tin whistle and sang. The mention of a healing gift is that this comes at a time in my life where I have almost all but given up on my passion: music. Thank you St. Paddy ;-)

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