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I lost coins? I know I can't actually spend them for anything, but they're all the Duolingo Geld I have.

. . . so I started by taking four German lessons or so, stacked up a few gold coins for Thursday in my "weekly progress," and went on to wrestle with a translation I'd been working on a week or so ago. I thought I was making some progress - even smoothed out (or so I though) some of my earlier sentence translations. Then I came back to check my progress (had I done enough to call it a night?) and lo! All but one of my gold coins for the day had disappeared. I reloaded the page - nope, still down to one gold coin. Did I offend? Break the rules?

August 30, 2013




For what it's worth, when I look at your stream it says you did 10 lessons for 100 points, then translated 5 sentences for 2 points. However, in my stream it only shows you having done 4 lessons for 40 points. I doubt that information does anything other than contribute to the mystery.



They shouldn't have made it look like money...

The coin count seems in general to be rather inconsistent throughout the site. E.g. my points in the Spanish-English section are ignored on my profile but included on my leaderboard.


Taxes makes sense. Or maybe bandits. I don't know what my total count had been, so I don't know whether I lost anything there. Maybe it's part of the deterioration of skills thing - which I keep imagining as vocabulary vanishing, hard-won conjugations unraveling, my shaky grip on the conditional tense growing still weaker, then falling away . . .


I had the same problem last Friday. I knew for sure that I did French on my lunch break, but I lost my streak. Are you on different computers or just one?


Just one computer now, although I did a little on an iPad last weekend.

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