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"Hon hyrde ett hus Västkusten."

Translation:She rented a house on the west coast.

March 18, 2015



why not "at" instead of "on"


Since V is in upper case in Västkusten, I assume it is the name of a place, so could be not translated. Am I wrong?


Yes and no. It's the term for the west coast, but not really a proper name. Capitalising such geographical terms in native language but not in translation is reasonably common. And the American West Coast is translated as den amerikanska västkusten in Swedish, so that's the exact same thing there.


Hm, my intuition told me it has to be "vid västkusten". Is that a possible translation?


No, we don't accept that. I'm not entirely sure if we should or not - it could probably be argued either way. But I'm leaning towards that it's not really common and natural enough to accept.


Thank you, again, for your quick reply :) But is there a rule, when I have to use vid or på? I remember the example “hotellet ligger vid kusten” and it seems I missed something.


Consider how English "at" can mean either "on" or "by" - Swedish uses for the "on" meaning of "at", and vid for the "by" meaning.

That's generally speaking, though... there's not exactly a rule that applies to everything, since the prepositions are so common.


I noticed that it's common to mention the West Coast in this course. What about the East Coast?

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