"They are going to eliminate the music!"

Translation:¡Ellas van a eliminar la música!

5 years ago



I feel like this, while obviously being an awkward sentence in English, is also awkward in Spanish. Lo necesitan eliminar!

5 years ago


Hola carolyn: Why do you think it is awkward? Seems OK to me. Pretty straight forward.

4 years ago


Why did they translate it with "ellas" and not "ellos"? I thought Spanish was like the French language: 1 male = automatic male pronoun and when it's not known you also use male pronoun. Am i correct?

4 years ago

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The sentence has been taken out of context - just because we don't know their gender does not mean that their gender is not known.

4 years ago


True, however, we are being tested on the sentence as is. If any pronoun was going to be used, it should be ellos/ellas or the sentence should be eliminated, as stated above.

4 years ago
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