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"Ele tem perdido tempo com você."

Translation:He has been wasting time with you.

August 30, 2013



Very awkward in portuguese too... no one says "tem perdido" (only those who have been wrongly influenced by english grammar construction). In fact, I think it is wrong to say it like that, you should say "Ele perde tempo com você" or "Ele está perdendo tempo com você". Anyway, the way Duo puts it ends up being more didatic and you probably be understood, but you will always sound like a foreigner (or like a bad telemarketing attendant or a bad secretary)... :/


he has been losing time with you... also correct, right?


It seems correct to me too.


It is better to say "wasted time on you" in my opinion. As the other way in my opinion is "Portoingles" (a mixture of English in a Portuguese like format)


Why does tem have an accent in one sentence...and in the next 3 it doesn't have an accent? Ele tem perdido


The accent on the "e" in tem( I can't do it on this keyboard) is for plural nouns, i.e., they have, the boys have, the women have, the dogs have, etc. Tem is for singular 3rd person, he has, she has, the boy has, etc. and tenho is for first person , I have.


But a bit awkward in English, and it would not mean the same thing. It would mean "While he has been with you, he has been getting behind in his work and risks missing his deadline." or someting analogous. It implies there is a certain amount of time he has for some endeavor and the clock is ticking.


Look at it as a catfight, it'll make a little more sense...

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