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Longer offline mode


Are there any plans for a longer offline mode ?

I believe it is currently one hour that you can store, but I have a 15 hour flight to Australia with no internet access. And I can't swap languages either when I'm offline, so something like a 4 hour buffer per language and the ability to swap languages would be great.



August 30, 2013



Yes! Please! Can we choose how much to download at once?


I'm sure I'm not the only one that works in a building that blocks mobile signal and does not provide WiFi access to those stuck inside. There should be an offline mode, not only for an hour worth of new lessons, but more importantly several "strenthen skills" lessons as well. I find myself using this more often than learning new lessons simply to keep myself from being overwhelmed with new data. I want to ensure I know what I've learned solidly before moving on. If the system can detect what you are weakest at and offer those lessons as a practice mode at the touch of a button, it should simply store those same lessons for the next few "strenghten skills" time periods.


This would definitely be a great addition.


There is an offline mode? How do I get it?


When you have Duolingo on an iPad, iPhone etc and it's offline there is a limited number of lessons that you can do. About an hour or so which translates to about 4 or 5 lessons.


Thank you. I have the Duolingo App on an iPad for travel, but didn't realize I could download. I'll have to try that out.


is the download to work offline available for PC's -- if so please let us know how to enable that feature.


Unfortunately not, the "offline mode" only functions with the mobile applications.


too bad for PC users. I also use my android. is available for android phones? or maybe a nexus pad?


Yes it is available on Android phones. Works pretty well on my HTC Incredible 2, and also on my Nook HD Tablet.


I strongly second Andrew's suggestions! I was recently on two flights of 5 and 9 hours recently and only had a few lessons available. Very frustrating, since I had a bunch of time available and could have used it for lessons / practice. Switching languages was also a surprise, as I tried to switch to my Spanish lessons with no luck. Certainly the 4 hour buffer suggested above is reasonable for each language. If it makes a difference, reducing the size or number of spoken parts would be acceptable with an increase in written activities (pictures, translations, etc.). Practice sessions that can mix up and use what we know would be great. Even going back and redoing previous lessons would be nice. If possible, of course, it would be nice (but not necessary) to be able to control this and upload the number of lessons desired for a given flight and available device memory.


In the android app, how do you download a lesson for offline use? I am in New York, where we spend lots of time in the subways where there usually is no data connection. When I pass through spots with some reception, I can use the app fine on my android phone, but when there is no connection, it just hangs when I hit the submit .


Yes, please! This would be great. Even if the amount of content is limited, as long as I could choose a few lessons and keep them offline for a few days I'd be happy.

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