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  5. "She lives in east Australia."

"She lives in east Australia."

Translation:Tá cónaí uirthi san Astráil thoir.

March 18, 2015



I keep getting soir and thoir mixed up. Can anybody help.


Basically, soir indicates "going east", whilst thoir refers to someone or something already there, just existing in the east.


Why was the last example 'uirthi thoir san Áise' and this one is 'san Astráil thoir'?Driving me insane!


"She lives" - Tá cónaí uirthi
"east Australia" - an Astráil thoir
"She lives in east Australia" - Tá cónaí uirthi san Astráil thoir

"She lives" - Tá cónaí uirthi
"in the east" - thoir
"Asia" - an Áise
"She lives in the east in Asia" - Tá cónaí uirthi thoir san Áise
Tá cónaí uirthi thoir san Áise - "She lives in the east in Asia*

thoir is an adjective in the first exercise, and an adverb in the 2nd sentence.


Thank you. I guess I need to slow down and read the sentences more carefully!

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