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Japanese Lesson 12: Food Part 1

皆さんこんにちは! Today we'll be starting on food.

<h1>Vocabulary: Tango: たんご: 単語</h1>

Fish: Sakana: さかな: 魚

Orange: Orenji: オレンジ

Wine: Wain: ワイン ("ai" sounds like "eye" so essentially it still sounds like "wine")

Coffee: Ko-hi-: コーヒー (those dashes mean you hold the vowel sound a little longer than usual)

Egg: Tamago: たまご: 卵

Tamago... not to be confused with Tamashii (soul)... I'll make a corny anime related joke in the comments...

<h1>Sentences: Bun: ぶん: 文</h1>

Things in parentheses are optional

Also friendly reminder that "Sono" actually translates to "That" and there is no "The" in Japanese.

We drink wine.
Watashitachi wa wain o nomimasu.
わたしたち は ワイン を のみます。

The woman drinks coffee.
(sono) onna wa ko-hi- o nomimasu.
(その) おんな は コーヒー を のみます。

I eat fish.
(watashi wa) sakana o tabemasu.
(わたし は) さかな を たべます。

She eats the orange.
Kanojo wa (sono) orenji o tabemasu.
かのじょ は (その) オレンジ を たべます。

You drink wine.
Anata wa wain o nomimasu.
あなた は ワイン を のみます。

They eat the fish.
Karera wa sakana o tabemasu.
かれら は さかな を たべます。

The boy eats an egg.
(sono) otokonoko wa tamago o tabemasu.
(その) おとこのこ は たまご を たべます。

The man drinks wine.
(sono) otoko wa wain o nomimasu.
(その) おとこ は ワイン を のみます。

The bread and the wine.
(sono) pan to (sono) wain.
(その) パン と (その) ワイン。

;A; It's thundering outside so I'm going to add my links, comment with my corny joke, and get off the computer. ;A;

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March 18, 2015



The dangers of confusing Tamashii and Tamago

健全なる卵は (Kenzen naru tamago wa) 健全なる精神と (Kenzen naru seishin to) 健全なる肉体に宿る。 (Kenzen naru nikitai ni yadoru)

A sound egg lives in a sound mind and a sound body

Told you it was corny.

In a slightly unrelated note, I've been playing Pokemon Y in Japanese, and they space out all the words like I do for the hiragana sentences... (even though I have it set to Kanji mode) and the thing I find odd is that they leave the particle attached to the word it's marking. It makes sense but it's weird to me to have the spaces set like that. XD because I either space everything or nothing at all.

Okay I'm getting off the computer for now. :3


they leave the particle attached to the word it's marking.

In Japanese I don't use spaces but in Romaji I sometimes attach the particle with a hyphen. I'm not sure where I picked it up but I think it can make things clearer.


I'd say something like "It keeps making me hesitate as I read, though." but really my difficulty reading the game has nothing to do with that. XD

I can see how it could help some people out though, sure. :3


Good job getting off the computer. :P


Oi. I was gone an hour, played animal crossing, the rain stopped, now I'm back. XD Don't give me guff, you!


A short note on fish. As the course teaches, fish in Japanese is called 魚 (sakana), especially when it is being eaten. The word forming is sake + na. Sake is the Japanese sake as you might know. Na means some food to eat together with sake or rice. Therefore, fish is to be served with sake.

To be a little off-track, in Korean, fish is 물고기 [water meat].

In short, fish is meat. When it is caught, dealt, sold, and finally eaten, it is called sakana. There is another 'fish' word in Japanese uo, which refers to fish that are living in water (or freshly caught).


:D I love this. I had no idea. XD I didn't even know there was a separate word for fish living in the water. And don't you love how other languages have words that are more of a description of the actual object.

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