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How to scroll down in list of new posts ?

When I am going to Discussion > New and then I scroll down to see the recent posts (since I last looked at them, mostly a week or more), I do not manage to go far enough in some of the subscriptions, especially in the subsciptions Duolingo in English, Spanish from English, English from Spanish and Duolingo in Spanish (seem to be the subscriptions with the most frequent posts). When I reach like 2 days ago, it stops, or I got a message that a cloudfront script is endlessly running (Firefox / IE) or I got a black screen (Chrome).
I'm aware that I am missing some interesting posts in that way, but I am not able nor have the time to read posts every day...
Any suggestions how I can go to let's say 1 week ago or 2 weeks ago ?

March 19, 2015


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