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"Scríobhann an leabhar go soiléir ach léim é."

Translation:She writes the book clearly but I do not read it.

March 19, 2015



I read the English translation as Smeagol would talk. "Writes she the book clearly but not reads me it." ~Gollum was translating Irish THE WHOLE TIME!!!~


That actually really helps me. And it's fun to say too! Have a lingot


This is probably by the by but I believe Tolkien used Irish as a major influence in his constructed language(s).


Gosh darn. Pól really is Smeagol.


Yoda must be a gaelgoir too!


I translate most of my Gaeilge like this


Does "clearly", go soiléir, mean here that her handwriting is easy to read, or that the text is easy to comprehend? And does "ní léim é" mean that I can't decipher it or that I'm just not reading it for whatever reason? Thanks in advance :)


Interesting point! Go soiléir appears to have either meaning of being clear to read OR understand. But ní léim é probably means "I choose not to read it" because its more literal translation would be "I do not read it". If there was an issue about it not being ABLE to read it, the Irish sentence would be more along the lines of: Níl mé in ann é a léamh or Ní féidir liom é a léamh.


Pól! Why didn't you read the book! :O


could not be clearly writes?

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