"Ele bebe óleo."

Translation:He drinks oil.

August 30, 2013

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What's the difference between "óleo" and "azeite"? Is azeite olive oil specifically?


Correct. Azeite is made with azeitonas = olives


In Brazil, it's like that, but the word "azeite" may mean oil in other cultures.

Some soy oil bottles come labeled as "azeite de soja", although we never call it like that, we say "óleo de soja".

One particular case in which Brazilians also use azeite is in "azeite de dendê" (a red palm oil).


another fire breathing Brazilian superhero with a cape no doubt! :)


I learned so far that Brazilians eat pepper and drink oil - I am not sure I ever wanna visit Brazil again :-S


Well.... take it as bees that write letters....
Brazilians don't "drink" oil (I bet you knew that...but...)

Most Brazilians actually don't even like that much pepper in their food. When we travel, we find it very hard to get used to other countries' spicy food. When we use pepper, we do it seeking a flavor, not a burn.


If you like pepper and oil, you must try Bahia's food! A plate called Acarajé =)


Which is definitely not made "only" of that haha.

It's fried, so it presumably has a lot of oil. They use "palm oil", a red oil called "azeite de dendê". (Great! Found another usage of "azeite" besides "olive oil", that's rare).

This oil is very strong and may not be well accepted by some people.


Who the heck drinks oil?


I do. Linseed oil in particular.


Maybe it's caster oil? he needs to go?


It's virgin coconut oil. It's healthy/

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It's not. Too rich in saturated fats.


I was surprised when I heard this, ive been told that theres one region\state where spices were popular. My partner told me a lot of Brazilians use herbs and especially garlic

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