"The pants have pockets."

Translation:As calças têm bolsos.

August 30, 2013

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Pants in english can be actually singular. I translated pants to calca and got it wrong. This question should be fixed


What are the differences between "bolsa" and "bolso"?


Bolsa = bag, purse. Bolso = pocket.


If i used "bag" in english, it is generic or gender neutral. But if i said purse, it has multiple definitions but the most common being a female's handbag. Is bolsa specific to female handbag? For example, as a man, would i be weird if i said "onde minha bolsa?"


Onde está minha bolsa*


In another context bolsa can also mean scholarship/college fund.


i guess i shouldn't complain, but that's not intuitive.


What's the difference between tem and têm?


Ele tem: verb ter, third person,singular Eles têm: verb ter, third person, plural


Are there also other terms for pants that should be accepted?


So i read before that " Calcas" can also be used as "wears." In that case, is it acceptable to say, "Eu calco o calco"


As a verb, it would take on a verb form and be the word, "Calçar" which only conjugates to "Calças" when using the familiar "tu" 2nd Person form of you.

Calçar as a verb usually means to "put on" and usually refers mostly to shoes (especially for say, horses) and some sources say gloves, but not pants which would likely use, "vestir" instead to put on, and wear (which can also take "usar" especially in Brazil).

Calçar is also related to paving, as in the sidewalks (Calçada) that the Portuguese are famous for having:


So it is also somehow related to "treading" which is related to feet and shoes.

To shoe, to pave, to shim, to tread, to underlay...

Spelled as you have without the cedilla on the "c" the word would be pronounced, cal-ka(s).

Calças as a noun for pants also is only feminine, and also plural so it would be, at best, "Eu calço as calças" (at least in the other Portuguese speaking countries).

Not as sure how Brazilians wear their pant(s). :)


What's the difference between "tem" and "têm"?


It's the difference between 3rd person singular (he, she, it) and 3rd person plural (they).

  • ele/ela tem
    he/she/it has
  • eles/elas têm
    they have

Since the noun «as calças» is plural, you need to choose the corresponding plural verb conjugation «têm».

See: http://www.conjuga-me.net/en/verbo-ter


What's the difference between "a calça" and "as calças"?


A calça = one pair of pants. As calças = more than one pair of pants


Does EP observe this same usage?


Nope. "As calças" in EP refers to just one pair of pants (we don't use "a calça").


Suspeitei isto. Valeu, Luís!

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