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Can't move to next level

I've been forced to go over & over the same exercises and can't get to the non-highlighted topics. I'm pretty much done with "She writes to the boy," "cows drink water," and "they are apples."

March 19, 2015



Have you completed ALL the lessons and skills before the non-highlighted skills? For example, in the French tree, you have to complete "Food" and "Animals" before you can get to "Adject.1" or any of the bonus skills.


I've completed ALL the lessons (over & over) before the non-highlighted ones. What I haven't gotten is a reply to my help email to Duolingo. I don't think anybody's there.


Can you click on the "Animals" skill set and get to new lessons?


No puede avanzar a los siguientes temas, que alquien me diga qué sucede? hay, acaso, alguna restricción para poder continuar? Por favor.


Necesitas cumplir lección 4 en "Adjectives: Nominative 2"

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