How do I report a mistranslation? I've re-started the French series, and "livre" is suddenly defined as half a kilo...

March 19, 2015


It means a pound. A measure of weight or a unit of currency/silver coin. Or a book (which takes the article un rather than une). It's not an idiom. It's a homonym.

Yes. I believe "livre" can mean "half a kilo" as well. If you ever need to report something, you can click at the bottom left of the screen "Report a Problem" and you can report your issue there.

Is that an idiom, then? At the Basic level? After defining "livre" as "half a kilo" but not as "book," the Duolingo app then only offers "book" as a correct response. Confusing! Thanks for the Report A Problem guidance.

Une livre di grazie ;-) (Hope I understood correctly "une" for pound.) And hope Duolingo gets the memo.

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