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"Eles trarão vinho para a festa."

Translation:They will bring wine to the party.

August 30, 2013



"trarão" is the irregular future tense of "trazer"


É verdade! Se o verbo fosse regular, deveria ser "trazerão"!


I can imagine why they didn't allow "trazerão" hahahaha


why not also 'for the party'?


In portuguese, when you say "trarão vinho para a festa" you can understand both sentences: "to the party" and "for the party".

The preposition "para" can be related to the verb "trazer para a festa" = "bring to the party", or to the noun "vinho para a festa" = "wine for the party".

Since it is ambiguous, "for the party" should be accepted. I must confess I understood "for the party" (because "para" is closer to the noun)... but after fifty days of duolingo, I believe I understood how she thinks (so, I put the first one).

If you want to say "they will bring wine to the party" in portuguese, without doubts, you could say: "Eles trarão para a festa o vinho", but I must confess it is unusual.


Accepted June 2017, if not before


they will take wine to the party?

i know take is tirar, but it is usually used in the context of removing from something rather than adding to, such as in this case...

and if they are still different, how would you use tirar for taking to...


They can come again

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