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The feeling when you lose your last heart on the last question.

August 30, 2013



The mistake you make is usually unrelated to the topic you are currently studying too.


Yes. Concentrating on the tricky part and not noticing a basic mistake, typo or even simple failure to translate/include one of the elementary words.


Especially annoying when the sentence is only four or five words long.


It's more like: "Yes! I get to learn again!"


You are an interesting person :)


I wish we could get one point for the effort though. I spent half an hour trying to pass Adverbs. I did not succeed, and thus I lost my streak of 19 days. A bit unfair.


When I hit a losing streak I go back to the previous lessons and pick on one which is showing work needed and knock a couple off. It may not keep the streak but it makes me feel better.


I'll do a strengthen word session. Let's you keep the streak.


Dude: open timed practice, answer one question right, close it, go sleep. Don't even need to wait the timer finish, you already got 1 point.


What about when you are doing the module after a couple of times (damn you indirect object pronouns!!) and you are down to your last question with no hearts and you make a TYPO. ARGGGH. Er, maybe it was a few more than two attempts . . . Love the pic Jibbz! Thanks.


This has happened to me too! Indirect Object Pronouns are a major pain haha.


Typos are the WORST! So many lessons lost because of them. At least now a few Lingots can buy a second chance.


Yeah, it's really heartbraking... :P


I see what you did there...


When i saw the picture i choked of laugther


Well it is pretty funny...


That just happened to me, two lousy words were in the wrong place. Still haven't mastered word order yet. I don't get mad like in that pic, but I do pull a Mr. Douglas on Green Acres where he would say "oh for the love of" every time he got frustrated.


Well, as long as it's not the Douglas in 'Falling Down'...


Especially when it's the third or fourth time you are trying to complete that lesson.


Do you guys consider it cheating to have another language site on standby to help with translation, context, word order, etc. in order to get through the lessons? I admit to using that crutch at times when I'm down to the wire with one lonely heart left.


After every group of lessons, I go back to the beginning and go over them all again. If you have ever done that you discover that Duo will sometimes shoot some pretty obscure words at you that are far beyond whatever level you are in. In those cases I will look.

Other cases are where I know what the words mean but I remember it is an idiomatic expression that doesn't even work very well in English. Again, I have no hesitation.

Sometimes I type in a guess on Google Translate to see if it sounds close to what the duo robot is saying. I have a real problem with Duo chien and chat.

Redoing the whole lesson which otherwise is really basic is pointless and slows me down from getting to new material. I say redoing because I won't move on until I keep all hearts.


Not really. The point is learning a new language, not win the "game". I usually have wordreference.com on standby to help with the spelling.


das ist schreklich!!!!!


Well it happens to me all the time, but I hope I can control my anger management not like the guy did...


Love the Green Acres reference! "Oh, for the love of..." is a good substitute for what I've thought a few times before!


Especially when you have no hearts left and only one more item to do and you miss that one. Gotta start all over again.


It's incredibly frustrating, but even more so when the last question is an audio question. I'm learning Italian right now, and unfortunately the Italian voice needs a lot of work. There are times I get it wrong simply because I have no idea what is being said, and I use headphones to make it clearer! I really hope the staff fixes that soon...


Well, since I'm not doing Italian, I don't know how bad the voice really is. If it's really bad quality in general, you can always go to http://www.duolingo.com/settings/account and turn off all the audio questions. If you just have problems every now and then, I wouldn't switch them off though, because listening and speaking is an important part of learning a language.


I know, that's why I haven't shut it off. I've gotten past most of the issues by wearing headphones, but every once in a while that's just not enough. My hope is that lingots can help me get around it.


What are lingots?


They're something knew coming up on Duolingo. From a gaming perspective, think of them as gold coins. You collect them by leveling up, completing a lesson without mistakes, etc., and then spend them in the Duolingo "shop." Word is that one of the things you can buy is an additional heart, although I don't know whether it's one lesson only or if it carries over if you don't use it. It'll make for a nice safety net.

Anyway, lingots are in testing right now, 25% of users are beta testing them now. Hopefully the rest of us will get them soon.


Interesting. Thank you.


difficult feeling but comfort better


I hate that feeling. xD

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