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duolingo.. would it be possible to..

test and challenge us by giving more sentences in english and making us translate them over to spanish? because i find that when i talk to a native spanish speaker, the way i come up with what im going to say in spanish is by thinking the sentence in english first then translating it over. i also find it ridiculously easy ( once i have a thi grasp on the topic) to answer the questions when you repeat what the narrator says and translate spanish to english, however when i have to translate english to spanish i find it more complicated and feel i learn and progress best doing that. im sure others feel the same, so could you give more sentences in english to translate over? would be superb! :)

August 30, 2013



This is what you do. Go to your settings change your natural language to Spanish and say you want to learn English. It's like an entire new set of lessons.


excellent! thank you very much!

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