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Just a couple questions.

Hello everyone, i have some question about the spelling, if someone can help me i would be very greatfull!.

It's dryck or drick? Drycker or dricker?.

Also whats the difference between vatt and vatten?.

Tack så mycket!.

March 19, 2015


  • Dryck means a drink, as in a liquid for human consumption. Drycker is the plural of dryck.

  • Dricker is present tense of dricka, meaning to drink. Example: han dricker = he drinks.

  • The difference between vatt and vatten is that vatt is missing a syllable. :p Vatten means water. Don't be fooled by the -en ending, vatten is indefinite. The definite is vattnet

[deactivated user]

    Jag dricker = I drink (infinitive att dricka)

    dryck = drink (noun), beverage

    As for vatt and vatten, I looked it up and there is no such word as vatt. Vatten on the other hand means water. :)


    Thanks guys! You helped me a lot!

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