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"The boxes are made out of wood."

Translation:Déantar na boscaí as adhmad.

March 19, 2015



Tá na boscaí déanta as adhmad?


Note that this means someone makes them out of wood. It's not a statement about the boxes themselves.


"as adhmad atá na boscaí" on focloir.ie


Do you mean that you could say something like "Is boscaí adhmad iad seo" to say that they are wooden?


Ta na boscai deanta as adhmad means the boxes are made from wood


I think made from wood and made out of wood mean the same? My suggested translation was due to the fact that the English is ambiguous whether its describing the manufacturing of the boxes (the boxes are made using wood as the material) or the material of the final product (the boxes that are made are wooden ones).

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