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Swedish bonus skills? Immersion area?


I was just really curious as to whether there are any unlock-able bonus skills in the Swedish course? I haven't come across any as yet, but I'd love some funny Swedish idioms or Scandinavian flirting phrases :)

Also, being fairly new to Duolingo, I don't know how the 'Immersion' functionality is determined. I really hope that this platform comes soon as the ability to read through articles and try translations is really useful.

Anyway, regardless, I think this Swedish course is really wonderfully done. I'm finding it much easier to retain new words than with the French set up. Very much appreciated to all the course contributors.

Tack :)

March 19, 2015



I think I read somewhere that they don't have Immersion for Swedish, due to it being such a new course. But maybe someone in the know can give more reliable info?


This is what I've heard as well. I haven't heard anything about the revenue thing (see above) except for on the forums (which I wouldn't trust as a reliable source :o ).


I have read that Duo is moving away from translation as a revenue stream. If true, then it seems unlikely newer courses like Swedish will get the Immersion feature. Pure speculation on my part, though.


Even if it isn't a revenue factor, wouldn't the ability to translate web pages still be very useful? And since we aren't being paid, there's no reason why it would have to be tied to revenue.


I totally agree that it would be very useful as a learning tool for us. I imagine that there would be some level of expense to roll it out and that is why I suspect we won't see it. I guess I'm just a bit of a cynic. I wouldn't mind being wrong. :)


I hope not; I can't think of any other revenue streams they could have, unless they either start charging or stuffing the language trees with advertising slogans/sponsored messages or something similarly annoying.

Anyway, having the immersion stream would be useful, notwithstanding the revenue aspects. (Most of the exercises I have seen in other languages have been noncommercial documents, such as Wikipedia pages.)


I would rather pay a charge than be swamped with advertising. Seriously.


Well they will eventually get revenue from that certification exam for English they've started. (See the “Test Center” link at the bottom of the pages.)


I did see someone mention that there are a couple bonus skills for Swedish - how do you get those? I'm very close to the end of the tree now.


I'd like bonus courses as well, but I have to finish my tree first hehe :D

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