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  5. "What are our choices?"

"What are our choices?"

Translation:Vad har vi för val?

March 19, 2015



Is this better/more idiomatic than "vilka val har vi?"


why våra instead of vårt? before it used ditt val


You would only use "Vårt" if it was singular. "What is our choice?".

Here, it's plural "Choices", so you would use the plural form "Våra".


Does this mean 'What choices do we have?' or 'Which ones have we chosen?'? Or could it be both?


Is "Vad för val har vi?" a possible construction?


I put that, too, and it was marked wrong, though I would see vad för val as the question word/phrase in first position and my verb is still second. I think it should be accepted and reported it.

Having said that, I might be wrong and would totally like someone to explain why!

Edit: my grammar book says "Vad may be separated from för by other words such as a finite verb, subject, etc." so I'm even more confused now as to why Vad för val har vi? is not accepted...

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