"You are photographing an animal."

Translation:Tu photographies un animal.

December 15, 2012

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prendre une photo is more common


Probably, but prendre un photo=to take a photo. Here we practice the less common verbe photographier=to photograph.


In the earlier exercise I did, it asked me to translate "I photograph the horse". I wrote "Je prends le cheval en photo", and it said I got it right. I wish they would be a little more consistent, unless there is a reason "prendre - en photo" is wrong in this instance?


but they both mean the same thing


Hold it! Is 'photo' feminine or masculine?


Could anyone comment on the difference between prendre une photo/prendre en photo? E.g. "Tu prends un animal en photo" vs "Tu prends une photo d'un animal". I've heard both.


I do not know, but my dictionary (Le Petit Robert micro) use the formules prendre une photo, faire une photo, prendre en photo and photographier for the act of taking a photo, and the formule en photo also in the example Il est mieux en photo qu'en naturel which I understand as He is better on photo than in real life.


+1 pour prendre une photo

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