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  5. "J'ai mes propres raisons."

"J'ai mes propres raisons."

Translation:I have my own reasons.

March 19, 2015



I was under the impression from an earlier lesson that "propre" meant clean. So now it means "own" with no explanation provided.


When propre means clean it is placed after the noun and when it means own it is placed before the noun

ma propre voiture - my own car

ma voiture propre - my clean car.


now... could you say, "ma propre voiture propre" = my own clean car? :-)


Google Translate seems to think so. :-)


I'm French and we say "ma voiture est propre"


Thanks Diana

I now know how to say 'toilet trained' in French.


I probably ought to have appended a "danger, time suck" warning on that.

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If you want to translate a sentence by using dictionary definitions and say "well, it could be that", you need to stop and think for a second about exactly what "I have my clean reasons" means. The honest answer is it's not a viable translation. Very often you just have to go with the low-hanging fruit (the most obvious solution). Know that francophones also misunderstand one another by taking the wrong meaning of a word. The resulting confusion is a just reward.


Several French adjectives change meaning or gain distinction based on their relative location to the noun ( just whether they come before or after AFAIK). One I like: Je suis une femme simple pas une simple femme. I am an honest woman, not simply a woman.


There are lots of French (and English) words with multiple meanings. Duo tries to teach us a few of them, thankfully. But even this is incomplete. You can learn a lot from Duo, but you will learn more by also using other sources, and of course if possible, actual conversation with a francophone!


I may have just guessed that "I have my own grapes. In my defense, I try to understand before they tell me unless I'm totally lost. I learn better that way.


grapes = les raisins


And at least you didn't say you have clean grapes! :)

But you're right about the learning method. Struggle like hell to figure it out on your own, then check the correct meaning. The more you struggle, the more you learn!


"Why are you helping us mister?" "J'ai mes propres raisons."


Why can't propre mean "personal"?

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"Propre" is not used to mean "personal". It has a variety of uses that are quite different from each other. http://www.larousse.fr/dictionnaires/francais-anglais/propre/63683


I wrote the wrong word, but was not corrected or flagged: J'ai mes propres maisons. Negative teaching is not helpful to me.


I've had that happen more than once on the German tree, not yet encountered it here. You are right, it's less than helpful. I did notice that sometimes, when you click on the report flag, there is an option, "My answer should not have been accepted". I guess that's what that's about. Sigh.


Yes, I often report these things that way, when given the option. I know the volunteers have tons to do, but someday....

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