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"D'imir iomáint agus ansin."

Translation:I played hurling when I was there.

March 19, 2015



le do thoil - could someone explain where the 'when' part comes in to this sentence?
Also, is "iomáint" the past tense of "iománaiocht"? Go raibh maith agat!


iomáint is another way to say "hurling", and isn't a verb. iománaiocht also isn't a verb.

The "when" is because of agus. It literally translated to "I played hurling and I there". Sounds a lot better with "I played hurling when/while I was there." See this page


go raibh maith agat! I wasn't sure if the iomáint was some form of "to play hurling" or just the word itself. Makes sense anois.

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