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Que paso to translation submissions?!

I've tried to upload an article several times in firefox and it keeps getting stuck. I uploaded it finally using IE, began editing it, and when i refreshed the page, it's not showing up in my uploads, in searches, nor is my experience! Que paso?!

March 19, 2015



Was it the Borges article? Because we both seem to be on the same wavelength...and having the same problem. I happened to upload the same article last night (it would have been after you uploaded your version). It allowed me to edit it and get the XP just fine, but it doesn't show up under "my uploads", it shows your name...which would make sense, you uploaded a version before me.

...but what's odd to me, is that it doesn't show the edits you've done. On the other hand, when I click on your copy, it shows your edits but not mine.


How odd! This is one for the duolingo staff to figure out. I ended up emailing my problem to their team, but what you've said adds another level of strange. I wonder how they're going to fix it?

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