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Dutch - oddity with a single question

I was asked to translate: "the president" - "de president" was marked wrong. Apparently it should have been just: "president", without an article.

OK, maybe, maybe not. I was unable to discuss it, as the discuss button was missing. So I tried to report it as a (possible) problem - the "report a problem" checklist was severely limited as well. There was no option for: "my answer should be accepted".

I had only two options, which were (if I recall correctly): "The translation does not match the picture", or: "I have another problem". So I had to pick: "I have another problem", and ask: "Why is 'de president' not accepted?" But I didn't get the usual confirmatory: "Thank you for your problem report", or whatever it usually says, so I'm not sure anything was submitted.

Are these differences normal for this type of one word question? Isn't it possible there might be something to discuss, even when the answer's just a single word?

Seconds later, the same question came up again, and I remembered it doesn't want a "de". But there was still no discussion option, so I couldn't ask people about it.

March 19, 2015



I just did that lesson too. Actually the the wasn't there in either language. There was another word with no article too.


The one I saw, "the" was definitely there in English! That's why I wasn't very happy when I carefully chose "de" in Dutch, only to be told it should have been just: "president".

I can think of many words, especially abstract nouns, where it's common not to mention the article. But surely with "president", it's almost always: "the president", or: "a president"?

But even stranger was having abnormal options for problem reporting, and no discussion option at all!

Normally, if I don't understand why I got something wrong, the first thing I do is go straight to "discussion", and see if someone's already explained it. I was really surprised there was no button.


I thought it was odd not having an article but I spotted it and got it right so I didn't look at the report button, although I did notice there had been no reports. If you are sure the the was there in English I suppose that because the articleless version also exists it was tied to the wrong answer. I have seen questions with no sentence discussions before, and with broken reporting.

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