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  5. "Are you responsible?"

"Are you responsible?"

Translation:An bhfuil tú freagrach?

March 19, 2015



Does this mean responsible for a specific action, responsible in general, or both


"freagrach, a1. 1. Answerable, accountable. Bheith ~ do dhuine i rud, as rud, to be answerable to s.o. for sth [...] 2. (a) Responsive. Talamh ~, land that repays attention. (b) Suitable, convenient."

2(a) is interesting, hinting at the relationship.


I would say that ' as ' would always be used in this situation. The answer given just doesn't sound natural to my ear. Maybe I am wrong but what do other people think? Is there anybody out there. Does anybody care?


(Many of us are our here, and many of us care! But I for one would not add any value by posting an opinion. Thanks for opening the dialogue :) )


In this case, wouldn’t as only be used where English would use “for”, e.g. An bhfuil tú freagrach as an siorc? (“Are you responsible for the shark?”) Or do you mean that a different phrasing would be used in Irish when “responsible” is a predicative adjective?


The vase is broken. Are you responsible?


how about ..An fhfuil tusa freagrach? Patrick

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