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Feature request for fat-fingered-typists

My fingers are not so much fat as errant, especially when I type fast. So I find that often I have hit [enter] before I have read what I typed.

That rather literally often dashes my hearts to pieces. ;)

So I would like to ask for a feature that could be toggled-on by learners like me: whenever we hit/click [enter] to submit an answer, a dialog box could pop up showing what we typed in big easy to read letters. A (confirm) button would accept our answer, while a (typo) button would let us fix typos.

If Duolingo implemented this feature the dialog box I describe should NOT interrupt any timers. That way there is no time-advantage given to bad typists. Just a safety feature so that our scores reflect our knowledge of a language and not our typing skills.

Thanks for considering this feature request.

August 30, 2013



Or you could read over what you write before you send it.

If you don't read it before you hit enter then what's stopping you from hitting enter again right after it pops up in larger text? It'll just be another habit soon enough, and then you'll be asking for two confirmation screens.

By the way, CTRL+ Moving the mouse wheel allows you to zoom in when you're on the computer, making it appear larger.


I appreciate a good mouse tip. Control-+ also zooms the whole browser window, if anyone wants multiple ways to zoom. But I don't want to be zooming in and out of the page on the fly.

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