"Hon kramar mig."

Translation:She is hugging me.

March 20, 2015

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    I haven't seen her for a year and a half and I miss her hugs :(


    I feel you bro. Take this Lingot


    somehow I find it amusing that the word for hug sounds like "cram"--like you're being smushed by the hug.


    I had the same thought and that is how I am going to remember it!


    Krama is indeed a cognate of "cram"; Swedes use the word to mean either "squeeze" or "hug", depending on the context. (Warning to other women learning Swedish: be careful who you ask to hug you, or some dirty-minded guy may "honk-honk" your chest! It happened to me long ago...)


    I thought so too, but as I never looked up the English word, I usually went by the sound and thus thought that it meant to stuff something into a bag, box or whatever. It would have given the Swedish term a wholly new meaning as well, in consequence. Milo comes to mind, with all of his strange songs about putting women into his pockets...


    A whole new image of Seinfield's Kramer.


    For cuddling I'd say Hon kramar om mig (emphasis on the word om; literally to "hug around" someone, more idiomatically "give [someone] a hug".


    Can you give someone a lingot?


    In German, "kramen" means to rummage...


    She holds me. Does it not work? Many songs say hold me tight, not hug me tight or they mean different things, Please help


    Is this in case the "k" in "kramar" the only case that it's pronounced as "k" in english, and not like the "sh" in swedish (I am aware that it's not really "sh" but I do not know how to express myself otherwise? Or are there more exeptions?


    Swedish k is "hard" (pronounced like the one in English "kale") before any consonant letter except j; so krama begins with a hard k also.

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