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  5. "Eu lembro de tudo."

"Eu lembro de tudo."

Translation:I remember everything.

August 30, 2013



O correto deveria ser "Eu me lembro de tudo" ou "Eu lembro tudo"


Both... some verbs can be used as refexive or not and continue having the same meaning.


You can say both, but grammatically is either one way or other. if you use personal pronome like "me" you need use a preposition "de" it's a deep grammar theory, a foreign should mind about it


Now I see your point. I thought you meant the use of a reflexive pronoun. Even though, there is an exception: If "lembrar" demands a pronoun related to a topic, then you have to use DE: "Lembrou-o de suas responsabilidades" / "a maioria dos restaurantes utiliza cartazes lembrando os clientes de que não se deve fazer barulho"

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