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Immersion upload question

I really hope this has never been asked. I did a quick search in the forum, and didn't find anything, I would just hate to be -that- guy who asks something that has been discussed a thousand times before...but, here goes:

I just uploaded a document into Immersion for Spanish for English speakers, Wikipedia's article on Jorge Luis Borges. I translated a bit, then closed it so I could feel all nifty seeing the article in the list of newest uploads (it's my first one, after all). It wasn't there so I clicked on "My Uploads" and it wasn't there either. When I clicked on "My Edits" it showed up, but said that it was uploaded by someone else entirely, even though it was still my brand new, nothing-translated-yet (other than what I had done) version.

That's actually the much more trivial of my two issues, but I'm still curious about what's up. The other issue is that when I went to upload it in the first place, in the "preview" section it seemed to all be there just fine, but when actually going to translate it, not even halfway down the article it just stops, and has a whole host of empty bullet points. Anything to be done about that?

In the end, I won't lose much sleep over this, but I did figure it would be worth a mention. Thank you all in advance for any feedback.

March 20, 2015

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When an article doesn't show up properly in the lists, it often helps to remove it and then re-enable it (you can do this at the bottom of the 'Legend' on the right hand side of the actual article). If that doesn't help I've had some luck with re-uploading the same article and having it show up not as a duplicate but as the same article sans the buggy behaviour.

The latter issue is something that happens periodically, seems to me like a slowness in the system is causing it not to process the longer articles properly within the time frame it's given to upload. I don't believe there's anything we users can do about it, but shorter articles usually fare better.

Honestly, I don't think that Duo's terribly interested in maintaining or improving the Immersion section any more, so I wouldn't hold my breath for a fix to either issue. I welcome them to prove me wrong though!

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